Meet Christopher Profeta

I was born and raised in Grosse Pointe and my kids are third generation GPPSS students.  My daughters are in 4th and 5th grade and my son is in 1st. I am the only member of our school board with kids currently in elementary school.  I was also recently appointed by the Michigan Association of School Boards to serve on their Government Relations Committee that helps advocate for education policies that benefit our kids.


I am proud of my roots in this community, but I am also proud of the work we are all doing together to address the very real challenges we face. 


Over the last two and a half years I have worked together with people from all across our district to keep our kids first while making difficult decisions. We worked together to double the size of our early education programming. We worked together to make our residency policies more fair and straightforward. We worked together to cut $3 million out of our budget and get to a 10% fund balance for the first time in years while maintaining the quality of education we offer our kids. We worked together to start to get our staff back some of the cuts they've taken over the years so that we can recruit and retain the best educators possible for our kids.


We have so much more to do on these issues and many others.  I am committed to continuing to work together with you to make sure that we provide supports for all learners, that we offer strong programming for our kids, and that we maintain our caps on class size.  I will work on these things with anyone who has our kids' best interests first - even if they have different ideas or a different approach than I might.


I believe that the quality of education we offer kids in Grosse Pointe is one of the main reasons that young families choose to move here. That is what keeps this a strong, stable, and safe community for all residents whether they have kids in the district or not.  


That is what I am working for, and I am looking forward to continuing to work together with people - even if they have different opinions than I do - to keep our kids first.