Meet Kathy Abke

I was appointed to the GPPSS Board of Education in July, 2016, then elected in November, 2016 to serve a four year term.  It is my honor to serve as Trustee and then Secretary of the Board.  I was both appointed and then elected because of years of volunteering in the schools and the community.  


I do it "For The Children,” as everyone who knows me can tell you.  As a Licensed Professional Counselor, I worked as a child advocate in therapy rooms, court rooms and hospital rooms. My expertise is trauma and play therapy.  After having my own kids, I continue to advocate for children through volunteering.


Before being elected to the Board of Education, I spent ten years at Mason Elementary serving as Room Parent, Hot Chocolate Mom, Event(s) Chair (for every Fest Imaginable) Board of Education Observer, Vice President and President of the PTO.  At Parcells Middle School and North High School I serve on the Counseling Advisory Board.  I volunteer in the Grosse Pointe North concessions stand, and at the Parcells Holiday Bazaar, for teacher luncheons and student events.  In recent years I have volunteered also at Poupard Elementary for school breakfasts and holiday parties.  I was awarded the GPPSS Volunteer of Distinction in 2013.


In the community, I coach Little League Baseball – I can’t even count the number of teams over the years – AA, AAA, Intermediate and Senior Leagues.  I have coached several tournament teams.  I have also served on the Board of Trustees for Grosse Pointe Co-Op Preschool.  I have walked dogs and done laundry for GPAAS.  


I will continue volunteering in the community, the schools and on the Board of Education because nothing is more important than our children.

Kathy Abke