Say NO to Recall

Trustees Kathy Abke, Judy Gafa and Christopher Profeta are committed to excellence in education and community. A political action committee and law firm are waging an expensive recall campaign against our elected officials using billboards, robocalls and newspaper advertising. It must stop. 


As Trustees of the Grosse Pointe Public School System, Abke, Gafa and Profeta seek to:

  • Offer educational opportunities of the highest quality to every student

  • Increase resources available for instruction and extracurricular activities

  • Manage school district in a transparent and fiscally responsible way

  • Embrace equity and inclusion in all operations

  • Support innovative teaching

  • Address inadequate state funding and declining enrollment (from fewer births and an aging population) through reconfiguration of school and district buildings

  • Increase revenue generating activities within the scope of our educational mission such as early childhood education

  • Oppose school of choice that is being pushed by state government

  • Support the role of the school system in building and maintaining community


Supporters of the recall campaign want to:

  • Maintain the status quo while GPPSS and other districts around the state face decreasing enrollment and inadequate state funding

  • Reverse difficult building reconfiguration decisions that were voted upon after a multi-year process that included the development of a strategic plan, triggers for addressing declining enrollment, blue ribbon committees, multiple board meetings, a dozen town halls, listening sessions, PTO meetings, dozens of parent/resident meetings and hundreds of emails

  • Risk state intervention by ignoring our fiscal crisis


The education of our children is our highest priority. For our schools, students and community… 

Say NO to Recall